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My freelancing focus on providing services as a copywriter and SEO content provider for Education and Non-profit markets.

With years of experience in journalism and creative writing, to put it simply I use the combined art of strong-voice, research, and market-defining keywords to help build content around websites.

Content Includes; Newsletters, Blog Posts, Landing Pages, Ad Copy, Brochures, Profiles, Features, Social Media, Book Reviews, How-to, Listicles, Definitive Lists, Framework List, et ectera.

I can help your website rise in the search engines and most importantly, convert visitors into clients, volunteers, or donors.

Partner with me for your writing needs and give yourself the freedom to focus on other aspects of your business. I look forward to hearing from you.

The Queen

Partnering with me will first and foremost give you a detailed brief about your brand to help find the new customers/clients who would love you.

Writing a compelling article or post that is engaging and selling your mission, is not where you want to start. Good copy begins with understanding your audience base.

Only, after you know 100% precisely why people chose your company, business, or enterprise rather than millions of others, will then be it time to produce your brilliant content.

Sample Brief

Brand personality:
Describe the character of your business in five words or fewer

Project description:
What is it we’re doing here?

Scope and inclusions:
To make sure I don’t miss anything out

What is it you need this piece of writing to achieve?

Do you know your keywords?

Target Audience:
Tp who exactly are you appealing?

Do you have any quotes or testimonials from clients?

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