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My journalism freelancing focus on providing services as an SEO content provider for cultural, education, and non-profit markets.

I can help your website rise in the search engines and convert visitors into clients, volunteers, or donors.

Partner with me for your writing or mentorship needs and give yourself the freedom to focus on other aspects of your life.

The Queen

Rates and Services

No overcharging, simply high quality, and affordable:


Blog or Website articles: .04 cents per word
Social Media Posts: $30 a month
Marketing Emails/Newsletters: $50-$80 per month

Private Coaching/Tutoring:

New learners $35 up-front for supplies. $25-30 for 90 minutes sessions *student discount may be applied*


Social Media Writing- A social media presence is a must-have for businesses that want to maximize their profit and success.

Blogging- Online blog posts are the easiest and most popular way to establish content. Blog posts are written in a loud voice and with a clear audience in mind. Typically 800 – 1200 words with keywords are picked up by search engines.

Articles- With the use of a more journalistic style, articles like features or profiles go more in-depth in comparison to a blog.

Career Coach- A package deal of 1-month employment assessment and assistance that includes: job search guidance, resume, and cover letter drafting and editing, e-mail inquiries, interview-preparation, and thank you letters.

Private Tutoring- Whether it is reading or writing, if you are studying for the GED/SAT, or need some help with your college papers. I provide one-on-one mentoring and guidance for high schoolers and adults looking to improve their literacy.



Partnering with me will provide a detailed brief about your brand/mission/goals to help find the new prospects waiting for you. 

For me, its all about remembering when writing a compelling article, engaging and selling your mission is actually not where you want to start.

Just like good copy, one must begin at understanding their audience base. 

Only, after you know 100% why people chose your blog, company, business, or enterprise–You!

Rather than millions of others, will then be it time for me to write your brilliant content.

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