Rates and Services

No overcharging, simply high quality, and affordable:


Blog or Website articles: .05-07 cents per word
Social Media: $40 a month
Marketing Emails/Newsletters: $50-$80 per month

Private Coaching/Tutoring:

New learners $35 up-front for supplies. $25-30 for 90 minutes sessions *student discount may be applied*


Social Media Writing- A social media presence is a must-have for businesses that want to maximize their profit and success.

Blogging- Online blog posts are the easiest and most popular way to establish content. Blog posts are written in a loud voice and with a clear audience in mind. Typically 800 – 1200 words with keywords are picked up by search engines.

Articles- With the use of a more journalistic style, articles like features or profiles go more in-depth in comparison to a blog.

Career Coach- A package deal of 1-month employment assessment and assistance that includes: job search guidance, resume, and cover letter drafting and editing, e-mail inquiries, interview-preparation, and thank you letters.

Private Tutoring- Whether it is reading or writing, if you are studying for the GED/SAT, or need some help with your college papers. I provide one-on-one mentoring and guidance for high schoolers and adults looking to improve their literacy.