Sample Portfolio

Copywriting Brief Questions

Objective: To flush out clients brand in order to narrow target audience

Project description: What is it we’re doing here?
Scope and inclusions: To make sure I don’t miss anything out.
Objectives: What is it you need this piece to achieve?
Target audience: Who exactly are you appealing to?
Your USP or POD: How are you different? What makes you so special?
Testimonials: Do you have any quotes or testimonials from clients?
Constraints: Are there any constraints such as word count or design?
Keywords: Do you know your keywords?
Brand personality: Describe the personality of your business in five words or fewer.

Knowing how to tell a compelling story that is engaging and selling is not where you want to start with good copy.

Good copy starts with understanding your customer base. Once you know exactly why they choose your company, business, or enterprise rather than millions of others than its time to produce your brilliant copy. Partnering with me will first and foremost give you detailed briefs about your brand to help find the new customers/clients who love you.

Sample: 3 Fliers

Project: Create marketing event fliers on the behalf an alumni collaborative

Objective: To promote social events